Capacity Mapping Report 2022

The Australian Network of World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centres (WHOCCs) was established in 2019 to raise the profile and influence of Australia’s WHOCCs, to share the knowledge embodied within these Centres, and to provide a networking platform that brings together all of the Australian WHOCCs. WHOCCs are globally oriented centres of excellence and achieving designation – and retaining this designation for up to four years at a time – is a complex process. Australia has relatively more WHOCCs than any other country, and is especially active in the Western Pacific Region.

In 2022, the executive committee of the Australian Network of WHOCCs undertook an in-depth capacity mapping project of Australia’s 53 WHOCCs with the objective of identifying the scope of technical expertise across the network. On behalf of the Executive Committee, we are delighted to share this report with you, which summarises this capacity mapping exercise. The report outlines the different roles of the Collaborating Centres and highlights the range of their multidisciplinary activities. It reflects a high level of public health capacity that is responding to the complex health challenges faced in Australia, our region and globally.