Submission to inform DFAT’s new International Development Policy

November 30th, 2022

Published: November 30th, 2022

Submission into DFAT’s new International Development Policy

The Alliance undertook a consultation with members in November 2023 to prepare a submission into DFAT’s new international development policy.

Key messages in the submission:

  • Global Health is ultimately the health of all of us – not some of us and is affected by and in turn affects, social, legal, political, ecological, and commercial determinants health which require cross sectoral collaboration
  • Health security investment should be made also beyond infectious diseases to address NCDs, mental health burden, climate change, and One Health and Planetary Health — they are all interconnected.
  • Health systems and specifically primary health care health systems must be strengthened as the core delivery platform for universal health coverage and health security.
  • Investment in strong research partnerships. Australian global health organisations experts are world class leads in many fields but generally the national global health funding ecosystem is small compared to other OECD nations.
  • Ethical and inclusive decolonised partnerships: (for example, with First Nations global health experts and with pro-health corporate sector) are an opportunity for DFAT and the global health community to work together to grow global health practice.
  • Through investment and capacity building of global health education and research leaders in our region and in bi-lateral and multilateral partnerships, Australia can retain and deepen our excellence and influence globally.