Stronger together: Mapping the Australian Global Health Community

November 1st, 2023

Published: November 1st, 2023

Stronger Together: Mapping the Australian Global Health Community

The Alliance is pleased to announce the release of our new report, Stronger Together: Mapping the Australian Global Health Community, unveiling comprehensive insights into the global health landscape within our region.

Commissioned in collaboration with Day Four Projects, this study aimed to delve into the composition of the global health community in Australia and the dynamics of collaboration among its various stakeholders. This report is a result of extensive research, including a network survey and key informant interviews involving both members and non-members of the Alliance.

To foster collaboration, identify strengths and address potential gaps in the global health ecosystem, it was important to firstly map out these entities and explore how they interact. The study, therefore, aimed to explore two key domains:

  1. Who is part of the global health community?
  2. How are these actors working together?

The findings of the study highlight the diversity within the global health community, encompassing large and small organisations operating in research, policy, and practice settings, with a focus on thematic areas such as health equity, women’s health, and the health workforce.

Key insights reveal that opportunities for collective gatherings, knowledge sharing, and purpose-driven collaborations are essential for strengthening the global health ecosystem. The study emphasises the community’s collective desire to elevate the visibility of global health, increase recognition, and facilitate greater access to funding for global health initiatives.

These findings have implications in identifying strategic areas for action. These include coordinating advocacy efforts to build a powerful, shared voice for global health, facilitating meaningful connections among community members, diversifying community membership to include voices from various sectors, considering implementation partners and recognising the broader global health community.

This study is an early but significant initial step to lay the groundwork for informed decision-making and collaboration within the global health community, aligning with and guiding our current strategy to strengthen the global health ecosystem. We encourage wide dissemination and emphasise the importance of creating strong, meaningful, and value-focused collaborations to advance health and wellbeing for all.