Media Coverage: WHO Collaborating Centres Respond to Trump

April 17th, 2020

Published: April 17th, 2020

The wide and significant media coverage of the joint statement that was made by 22 of Australia’s WHO Collaborating Centres, in response to USA defunding WHO.

How an “unconscionable” act by Trump created a chorus of support for the World Health Organization
The WHO is only as strong as the leadership and commitment of its member states, which includes the US. Abandoning the leading global public health body during a worldwide crisis is unconscionable.

What happens if the US stops funding the WHO in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic?
US President Donald Trump has threatened to halt funds to the UN’s World Health Organisation (WHO).

The New Daily
Peter Dutton wants review of UN bodies after coronavirus
Mr Dutton believes Australia cutting ties with the UN’s health agency could risk other countries making strategic advances as poorer Pacific nations deal with devastating outbreaks.

ABC Radio National Breakfast
Trump’s withdrawal of WHO funding described as a “crime against humanity”
An interview with Professor Adrian Bauman, co-director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Physical Activity, Nutrition & Obesity at the University of Sydney.

The Guardian (at 7:49am mark)
Australia coronavirus live updates

Star 106.3 (syndicated to 160 outlets)
Australia will fund WHO but demand reform
Australia will continue funding the World Health Organisation despite arguing it has made “significant mistakes” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Australian Financial Review
US plans to reopen within four weeks