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A discussion series by the Australian Global Health Alliance

Discussion #2 | ‘Our Planet, Our Health’: A special World Health Day panel event

The Australian Global Health Alliance, in partnership with the Climate and Health Alliance, Australian WHO Collaborating Centre Network, Melbourne Climate Futures, and Monash Sustainable Development Institute presented an expert panel on World Health Day 2022 to celebrate and reflect on our past, present and future connections to this year’s theme: Our Planet, Our Health.

Many groups and individuals claim knowledge in the field of planetary health and global health, and it can sometimes be a cacophony of competing rather than joined interest to act. Our expert panel will explore lived experiences facing floods and heatwaves in Australia and the region, the application and respect for all global and First Nation’s knowledge, and the processes and platforms we use to communicate for action – and for whom. Living in the Anthropocene requires certain commitments of us all in our daily decisions and policy actions in order to address or strive to achieve planetary health: the health of human civilisations and the natural world on which it depends. What can we do as individuals, institutions to promote Our Planet, Our Health and what should we do more of together?

The discussion was co-chaired by Australian Global Health Alliance Executive Director, Dr Selina Lo and Georgia Langmaid, a young generation lead in planetary health. Our resident artist Jessamy Gee once again joined us to assist in developing a visual representation of the discussion in all of its complexity.

Guest speakers: Dr. Akeem Ali (World Health Organization), Professor Kathryn Bowen (Melbourne Climate Futures; MSPGH), Dr Kim Loo (Doctors for the Environment Australia NSW; Council of the Australian Medical Association NSW), Professor Anne Poelina (University of Notre Dame, Nulunugu Research Centre), Professor Nicholas Talley AC (University of Newcastle; Medical Journal of Australia), Professor Susan Sawyer AM (Centre for Adolescent Health Royal Children’s Hospital; University of Melbourne)

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Discussion #1 | Towards a culture of wellbeing: What does this mean and how do we all get there?

The importance of wellbeing is often overlooked as something we should ‘just do’, but it is often the first thing we neglect in times of crisis. As carers, leaders and committed experts, our global health network can serve our communities better, and in turn lead by example, if we first make sure that we ourselves are healthy and well. What does the wellbeing of current and future generations mean to you and your institution, and what lessons globally have already been enacted to advance a culture of wellbeing at a whole-of-society level? What leadership got them there? Moderated by Dr Selina Lo, Executive Director of the Australian Global Health Alliance, our four expert panellists shared their perspectives and lessons learned on wellbeing from national and global contexts.

Featuring: Dr Grant Blashki  (Practicing GP; Lead Clinical Advisor, Beyond Blue; Associate Professor, Nossal Institute for Global Health, University of Melbourne; Adjunct Associate Professor, Monash Sustainable Development Institute; Writer in Residence, Future Leaders Books), Associate Professor Melody Ding  (Sydney School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health; Co-lead, Sport and Physical Activity Research and Teaching Network, University of Sydney; Lead author of the Lancet Series on Physical Activity), Professor Vivian Lin (Executive Associate Dean of LKS Faculty of Medicine and Professor of Public Health Practice at University Hong Kong) and  Adjunct Associate Professor Colin Sindall (Monash Sustainable Development Institute, Monash University)

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