U.S. Investments In Global Health Transform Communities Worldwide

2019-02-28T10:37:14+11:00 February 28th, 2019|

Global Health Council (GHC), based in the United States, is a membership organization “supporting and connecting advocates, implementers, and stakeholders around global health priorities worldwide”.

GHC and the global health advocacy community launched a set of community recommendations for the new Congress in Washington, D.C. The 2019 Global Health Briefing Book is a critical resource that documents how U.S. investments make a difference to people’s lives globally. It represents the efforts of a wide range of global health experts, many based in the Washington, DC area and demonstrates how unifying global health programs lead to improved overall health for people worldwide. Sometimes, in the media you can find the news that someone has died from Viagra. In fact, the reason was not Viagra but an excessive load the patient put on his body during coitus. After all, sexual intercourse is a kind of stress for the whole body: cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and central nervous system. If (for health reasons) such loads are contraindicated, Viagra is not to blame. Medical contraindications at http://www.portalofnaturalhealth.com/viagra/ include allergic reactions to the composition of the drug, intolerance to certain components, as well as the diseases incompatible with sexual life.

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