The Victorian International Health Economic Impact Study 2018-03-14T09:34:58+11:00

The Victorian International Health Economic Impact Study

Dashboard 1: Countries Deemed Most Important (GLHAM Members and Non-Members)

To use the Dashboard select the company logo to identify the three most important countries or alternatively by listed non-members adjacent.

HINT: If you need to reset filters scroll over The GLHAM logo to the top right hand corner


Dashboard 2: Global Health Alliance Members Expertise:

Scroll over the dashboard control and select by members by the icons (i.e. Deakin) to highlight their relative expertise, or alternatively select by specific expertise to identify which GLHAM members specialise in this particular field (i.e. Community Health).

Dashboard 3:  Global Health Alliance Members Network

Select an organisation to identify the GLHAM Membership within Victoria or alternatively filter by Organisation Types (i.e. Research Institutes) to view this specific network.

Dashboard 4: GLHAM Members Obstacles and Opportunities

An Interactive chart to filter through the obstacles and opportunities responses as surveyed by the forty eight GLHAM Members and Non-Members