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October news from the Alliance: A Shot of Hope; WHO green light for malaria vaccine; member news, must-reads, global health events, jobs and more…

September news from the Alliance: member news, must-reads, global health events, jobs and more…

August news from the Alliance: Burnet says ‘science matters’; Deakin gives the kids a break; member news, global health jobs, events and more…

July news from the Alliance: Welcoming a new Chair and Exec. Director; Women in Global Health Australia launch; member news, jobs, events and more…

June news from the Alliance: World leaders unite for vaccine access; Deakin confirms nuts are brain food; member news, jobs, events and more.

May news from the Alliance: Towards malaria elimination in the Asia-Pacific; Monash’s mindful May; member news, jobs, events and more…

April news from the Alliance: celebrating World Health Day; a landmark investment to end cervical cancer; member news, jobs, events and more…

March news from the Alliance: the latest member news, great global health jobs, events and more…

February news from the Alliance:  the latest member news, great global health jobs, events and more…


Newsletter 2 December, 2020: December news from the Alliance: A new hub for infectious diseases; World AIDS Day recaps; global health jobs, events and more!

Newsletter 9 November, 2020: November news from the Alliance: $500m for vaccine coverage, Deakin’s new podcast, World Scabies Program launch, global health jobs, events and more!

Newsletter October 7, 2020. MORE October news from the Alliance: #Budget2020 analysis, MCRI’s oxygen innovation vies for $100m prize, global health jobs, events and more!

Newsletter October 2, 2020. October news from the Alliance: game-changing COVID19 announcements, World Sight Day plans, AFAO’s latest paper, global health jobs, events & more!

Newsletter September 4, 2020. September news from the Alliance: Doherty Institute’s 20-min COVID test; revitalising leprosy control programs; global health jobs, events & more!

Newsletter August 7, 2020. Monash checks in; pledge to #EndCOVIDForAll; COVID19 updates; global health jobs, events, news & more

Newsletter July 3, 2020. Nossal wants to hear from health workers; new funding for TB; COVID-19 updates; global health jobs, events and must-reads!

Newsletter June 4, 2020. Nossal asks “how are you going?”; RESULTS, TB & COVID survey; global health must-reads.

Newsletter May 6, 2020. Tracking the COVID funding, Australian global health leaders speak out and great global health jobs!

Newsletter April 2, 2020. Alliance members responses to the COVID-19 crisis; Pacific Friends of Global Health; Online courses.

Newsletter March 2, 2020. We’re hiring; Hollows’ Vision 4 Africa; Mitchell Humanitarian Award 2019 winner; new grant opportunities.

Newsletter February 13, 2020. Seeking new team member; the official name for Coronavirus; Federal Budget Submission; great job opportunities.


Newsletter December 16, 2019. Bumper holiday edition!

Newsletter November 6, 2019. New Alliance report on Impact Investing; special invitations; new grant opportunities.

Newsletter October 7, 2019. Footy kicks goals for kids and climate action.

Newsletter September 5, 2019 Introducing the Australian and New Zealand WHO Collaborating Centre Secretariat, welcome to the CSIRO and two new board members.

Newsletter August 8, 2019. Spotlight on planetary health: the intersection between natural systems and the health of our civilisation.

Newsletter July 3, 2019. Invitation: Climate Change and health, the Global Fund, Greg Hunt, and more.

Newsletter June 11, 2019. What’s hot at the Global Health Security Conference, impact investing, great jobs & more.

Newsletter May 7, 2019. Events and courses, pre-election commitments, the Albion Centre joins the Alliance.

Newsletter April 4, 2019. Budget 2019-2020, events, Building Maps at Australian Red Cross, New Partnerships in Adolescent Health.

Newsletter March 14, 2019. The Global Health Alliance Welcomes Labor’s Pacific Avoidable Blindness and Vision Loss Fund.

Newsletter February Tuesday 5th Nurses, India, Drug resistance and 2019 G-Finder.


Newsletter December 13, 2018. Advice from DFAT’s Ambassador for regional Health Security; Australian Red Cross and GLHAM map Timor Leste; new research shows impact of drug resistance on the environment.

Newsletter October 17, 2018. A Halloween-themed Malaria Mapathon for PNG; GLHAM joins the CDC’s global AMR challenge: our commitment to combating drug resistance; Australia tackles HTLV-1.

Newsletter August 27, 2018. Launch of the Victoria International Health Sector Capacity Report 2018.

Newsletter August 13, 2018. Everything you need to know about snakebite.

Newsletter July 12, 2018. All things malaria.

Newsletter May 22nd, 2018. Join us at the Malaria Mapathon; Learn about the HTLV-1 Epidemic

Newsletter March 8th, 2018. International Women’s Day

Newsletter January 30,2018. Electoral Legislation Amendment and other Updates

Newsletter December 19, 2017. Global Health Legislation, Employment Opportunities and Summer Reading.

Newsletter November 30 2017. Last Chance for Early Bird Registrations for Malaria Conference and Action on Childhood Pneumonia.

Newsletter October 29, 2017. Last chance for your international health work to be profiled by the Victoria Government and other Hot News in Melbourne’s International Health Scene.

Invitation October 25, 2017. Roundtable on Regional Health Security

Newsletter July 31 2017. Global Health Partnership Opportunities: Melbourne Global Health Landscape Study; Meeting with Global Partnership for Education CEO; Australia India Investment Forum; other upcoming events.

Newsletter June 15 2017. US, NZ And Australia – Budgets And Aid.

Newsletter June 2 2017. Breaking News: Global Health Scores Released Today.

Newsletter May 11 2017. Analysis Of The Impacts On Aid Of The 17/18 Federal Budget.

Invitation April 26 2017. Invitation to the briefing meeting on the Lancet Standing Commission on adolescent health and wellbeing.

Invitation April 11 2017. Invitation to the Consultation with Department of Premier and Cabinet re: Health Dimensions of Victorian Government’s India Strategy.

Newsletter April 4 2017. Thank you to everyone who attended our launch of Local to Global, and further resources.

Launch Invitation March 10, 2017. Our VIP event at Melbourne Town Hall from The Hon. John Brumby and Lord Mayor Robert Doyle.

Newsletter January 18, 2017. Our launch newsletter, with a Save-the-Date for our launch event, the Case for Investing in Women’s Mental Health and the new Donor tracker.

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