2018 Premier’s Awards for Health and Medical Research 2018-03-21T12:15:12+11:00


Congratulations to the following 17 finalists, many of whom are from GLHAM member organsiations, shortlisted for the award categories in the areas of basic science, clinical, public health and health services research:

Public Health Researcher

  • Dr Peter Azzopardi (The University of Melbourne / Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Wardliparingga Aboriginal Research Unit), The Health of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Adolescents
  • Dr Paddy Dempsey (Monash University / Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute), Sitting on a Ticking Time Bomb: Preventing and Managing Type 2 Diabetes in a Sitting-Centric World
  • Dr Daniel Engelman (The University of Melbourne / Murdoch Children’s Research Institute), Novel strategies for the prevention of rheumatic heart disease
  • Dr Jason Kwong (The University of Melbourne / The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity), Whole-genome sequencing to enhance the public health control of infectious diseases in Australia
  • Ms Kerryn Moore (The University of Melbourne / Burnet Institute / Shoklo Malaria Research Unit), The impact of malaria in pregnancy on birth outcomes in Asia

Basic Science Researcher

  • Dr  Nicholas Gherardin (The University of Melbourne at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity), Understanding immune cells that respond to vitamins: How they work, and how we can use them to fight cancer
  • Dr Hui-Fern Koay (The University of Melbourne / Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity), How our Mucosal Associated Invariant T (MAIT) cells develop
  • Dr Tan Nguyen (The University of Melbourne / Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research), Love thy neighbour: how uninfected cells help combat viral infection
  • Dr Ashleigh Poh (The University of Melbourne / Oliva Newton John Cancer Research Institute), Understanding the role of Haematopoietic Cell Kinase (Hck) in gastric and colon cancer
  • Mr Dean Sydney Tyler (The University of Melbourne / Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre), Preclinical Evaluation of Targeted Epigenetic Therapies

Clinical Researcher

  • Dr Ada Cheung  (The University of Melbourne, Department of Medicine (Austin Health)), Muscle effects of hormone therapy in men with prostate cancer
  • Dr Ingrid Hopper (Monash University, Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine), Reducing medication in patients with heart failure
  • Ms Aya Mousa (Monash University, Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementations), Vitamin D and cardiometabolic risk factors and diseases
  • Dr Benjamin Teh (The University of Melbourne / Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre), Improving the care of infections in patients with blood cancer multiple myeloma treated with new generation therapies
  • Dr Paul Yeh (The University of Melbourne / Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre), Non-invasive testing for blood cancers using liquid biopsy

Health Services Researcher

  • Dr Gabrielle Haeusler (Sir Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology, The University of Melbourne), Improving the quality of research and the delivery of care for one of the most common complications of cancer treatment in children
  • Dr Jason Trubiano (The University of Melbourne / Department of Medicine, Austin Health), The impact of antibiotic allergy on the safe and appropriate use of antibiotics in Australian hospitals