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Regional Health Security:

Antimicrobial Resistance

From Townsville to Tuvalu

July 31st, 2019|

Health and Climate Change in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region From Townsville to Tuvalu From Townsville to Tuvalu, from Nillumbik to the Northern Territory, impacts of climate change on our health include [...]

Value of vaccines? Fighting Superbugs

November 19th, 2018|

‘A top health economist says vaccines are undervalued by society – but their role in combatting antimicrobial resistance could change that’ Read more here.

Vaccinating Against Superbugs by Seth Berkley & Jeremy Farrar

November 19th, 2018|

"The ability to control infectious disease is the bedrock of modern medicine, and vaccines are important tools for keeping such diseases at bay. But vaccines can also limit the spread of drug-resistant strains by reducing [...]

Global Health Security: Why Malaria Elimination is a Priority

May 18th, 2018|

By Associate Professor Helen Evans AO FAIIA 09 May 2018 As Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop said at a recent malaria meeting held in London: “The health security of any one nation is [...]

GLHAM Q&A with Robin Davies

November 13th, 2017|

DFAT Centre for Regional Health Security: Centre Head Robin Davies answers all the tough questions at a Q&A in Melbourne on 3rd November 2017.