Baseline Mapping and Economic Impact Study of the International Health Sector

2018-05-11T15:23:19+10:00 July 11th, 2017|

In July 2017, the Alliance began work on the Baseline Mapping and Economic Impact Study of the International Health Sector. This included a robust analysis of the economic impacts of the international health (global health) activities taking place within the State of Victoria, in order to form the baseline for Victoria’s International Health Strategy, 2016-2020.

Concurrently, the Alliance Foundation Committee had determined that undertaking a mapping study of our membership base would be the primary activity of the Alliance in 2017. Therefore, the Alliance prepared an unsolicited bid to the DHHS for this piece of work.
This work was initiated a Design Studio hosted by the Fred Hollows Foundation and co-facilitated by the Global Ideas Forum. Several Alliance members were involved and expertise was also brought in from the UoM Dept of Geomatics and the DHHS.

  1. The study will comprise of two parallel and interconnected pieces of work that will map and quantify the global health sector in Melbourne:
    The Baseline International Health Economic Impact Study for Victoria; and
  2. Mapping the capacity and showcasing the expertise of the Alliance’s member organisations.

GLHAM members will be showcased and highlighted in a parallel but closely related exercise, which will provide case studies and ‘colour’ to the findings and the final product.  Collecting more detailed data on the organisational capacity of Alliance members will also assist with putting together capability statements for future joint bids between members.